What kind of country is Cambodia?

21 Feb 2023

Cambodia is a country full of miracles. This country has many buildings that have experienced vicissitudes of life. It has amazed the world and Cambodia earned the title of "The Country of Miracles". Cambodia is also an excellent tourist destination. Every year countless people come to watch the amazing beautiful scenery, so that they can feel happy and not waste a trip to the world, after all, life is short.

Cambodia is surrounded by three countries. The west and northwest are neighbors with Thailand, the northeast is adjacent to Laos, the east and southeast are adjacent to Vietnam, and the south faces the Gulf of Thailand. The Cambodian population is mainly concentrated in Phnom Penh: 2.1 million people. Sihanoukville: 221,300. Battambang: 150,500. Siem Reap: 119,500. From the analysis of Cambodia's distribution, population and territory, it can only be regarded as a medium-sized country, but the overall situation of this country is not considered rich, but can only be regarded as a developing country.

History of Cambodia:

The history of Cambodia has gone through the Kingdom of Funan, the Kingdom of Chenla, and the Angkor Dynasty. During the Angkor dynasty, Cambodia created the Angkor culture that attracted the attention of the world. This period considered be the peak of Cambodia’s history. The Sukhoi Dynasty in Thailand conquered Angkor City, leading to the decline of the strong Angkor dynasty, which also led to Angkor Thom Completed its historical mission and Phnom Penh became the capital of Cambodia. After several changes, the country gradually stabilized, which gave the government enough energy to develop the economy.

Cambodia economy:

Cambodia is a developing country, and its overall economic output is low. In 2016, Cambodia took a big step forward to get rid of the title of least developed country and become a lower-middle-income country. In 2018, Cambodia’s national GDP was 24.572 billion U.S. dollars . The national GDP was 1512 U.S. dollars. From economic data, it can be seen that Cambodia’s overall income is relatively low.

Cambodia is an agricultural country. About 78% of the domestic labor force is engaged in agricultural production. The rice produced every year can not only meet domestic demand, but also provide a large amount of foreign trade, which will bring enough foreign exchange income to the country, in addition to industry and tourism. , The foreign trade industry occupies a certain position in the Cambodian economy. Because Cambodia’s economy is underdeveloped, they absorb foreign investment to improve Cambodia economic backwardness. After foreign investment, Cambodia has achieved long-term stable growth, which further accelerates the national economic development.

Prices in Cambodia

Many people think that Cambodia is a small country and the people are poor. In fact, the prices in Cambodia are really high. Don’t think that you can go to Cambodia with tens of thousands of dollars. You will know that you have brought a very low money when you actually come to Cambodia.

Cambodia main currencies are the U.S. dollar and the riel. Many people here use U.S. dollars to buy things. For example, a plate of normal food is $3, and a plate of fried pork is $7 . Unfortunately, it costs tens to hundreds of U.S. dollars to eat quality food.

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, has very high housing prices, about 10,000 to 21,000 square meters, which can completely catch up with the housing prices of some domestic cities. This makes it more difficult for Cambodians to buy a house than to get to the sky.

Some things about Cambodia:

1. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, the overall temperature is relatively high, men, women and children are more willing to wear flip flops in public, which is cool and convenient.

2. In USA, a man marries a woman. In Cambodia, the opposite is true. When a man marries a wife, he not only needs to pay the bride price, but also the related etiquette must be held in the woman's home, and he must also live in the woman's home after marriage. This makes many Cambodians dislike having girls.

3. There is such a custom in Cambodia, whether you are a lofty king or a commoner, you have to become a monk once in your life. After the monk returns to the home, he will have certain advantages in terms of employment and other times.

4. When going to the toilet in Cambodia, it is best not to wear shoes to enter, otherwise you will be asked to clean the toilet. Of course, this is only for private occasions. Shoes are not allowed in public places.

5. When the majority of domestic smokers buy cigarettes, they can buy cigarettes in a box. But in Cambodia, it is a little different. The poor cannot afford a box of cigarettes. If they want to smoke, they must buy one by one.

6. Cambodian rice has a faint jasmine scent , which made it famous all over the world, and won the crown in several rice competitions.

7. The traffic situation in Cambodia is not very convenient. There are no regular roads in many areas, and traffic jams are commonplace. At the same time, because of the worrisome traffic conditions, many Cambodians use motorcycles, bicycles, tuk-tuk and other transportation.

8. Cambodia's economy is not well developed. The pillar industry in this country is agriculture. Many people are also willing to engage in agriculture. After all, it is easy to find a job in agriculture field.

In summary:

The overall situation in Cambodia is relatively poor, but people are not scared by life. Cambodia poverty and backwardness are more due to historical factors, which have caused them to develop more slowly, but they did not develop blindly and arbitrarily, but chose a path that suits them, so that people can see a progressive Cambodia.

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