Are soulmates real

22 Nov 2022

Quite an interesting topic right? Do you believe in SoulMates?

What really is a soulmate?

Different people tend to define a soulmate based on their point of view, but then there is a common belief that a soulmate is the one person that is our perfect match in a relationship and that this person ( soulmate) will make Us happy in love and married.

But then a clinical psychologist says that a soulmate is someone who appears in our lives to teach us an important lesson.

But we must note that a soulmate challenges us to transcend into a higher state of consciousness. 

What makes the idea of Soulmate Controversial

Well, we must know that the concept of a soul mate may seem really romantic when we find ourselves in a relationship where we love the person and feel really good about the person. 
To jump on some controversies, the concept of Soul MAte implies that we are not whole without someone ie a soul mate. And this makes the whole concept pretty messed up.

If you are obsessed with the concept of a soulmate, it could lead to you feeling a void throughout singlehood, and this void can lead to you making wrong relationship decisions all in a bid t find a soul mate.

Also, being in a relationship with someone we love and perceive as a soulmate may not be as flawless as our minds may perceive them to be. The soulmate concept can give Us a delusion that the moment we find our soulmate everything will perfectly fall into place, but then that isn't how it plays out in real life.

Is there scientific proof that soulmates exist?

It is true that numbers don't lie, but honestly, the odds of finding a soulmate with respect to the total population of the world will definitely not favor anyone as the probability is  extremely low.

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