The stock market of Dhaka is strong due to the increase in the prices of insurance companies

24 May 2023

The stock market of Dhaka has started trading in an upward trend today. All three indices rose in the first three hours of the day. The market is overall strong today mainly due to the increase in the share prices of insurance companies.

In the first three hours of the Dhaka stock market, the DSEX index increased by 11.76 points, the DSES index increased by 1.75 points and the DS30 index increased by 3.29 points. However, the index rose further in the first two and a half hours of the day. Later it decreases a bit.

Market analysts said that no type of vehicle can move on the road without insurance - the prices of all the insurance companies traded in the Dhaka market today have increased on this news. However, share prices of insurance companies have corrected at the beginning of the week. The index falls under its influence. But today the share price of the insurance company has increased again, due to which the market is showing a positive trend.

Among the top 10 companies listed in the Dhaka market today, four are from the insurance sector - Chartered Life is in the fifth place, Rupali Life is in the sixth place, Pragati Life is in the seventh place and Meghna Life is in the 10th place.
However, Intraco and Navana Farm Limited are at the top of the transaction.

781 crore shares were traded in the first two and a half hours of the day.

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