Miku the dog.

29 May 2022

Hello I'm back. What's up. I'm back with a new story. I hope you guys will like it and enjoy the story. This is the story of a dog. Let's get started.

One day me and my wife were walking in a park. Suddenly a dog came to us. He was so weak. The can't properly walk. Me and my wife decided to bring him with us. We bring him home with us and gave him name Miku. Miku was so cute. I gave some food and milk. After the time passed he recovered. Now he was not that old miku who was sick and can't walk now miku can walk run and bark properly he is totally fit now. So we decided to send him back to his home. We left Miku in the forest and said goodbye to him.

Moral of the story is always help animals, dogs and birds because they can't speak so it's our duty to help them. Ok guys i will meet again with a new story.


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