Ideology and materialism Model:a production thesis

17 Sept 2022

Criticism of idealism are functional to the determination of ideology and materialism.The major proponent of this model is Karl Marx a Jewish-German Sociologist and Economist.The derivative principle of this is his notion about historical determined material production.Marx was very much concerned with issues which related to the production process and their challenges.
Karl Marx presented ideology as a product of human consciousness, which is associated with the socio-political conditions of the environments.ideology is the world being alternative perceived from a non empiricist—inductive logic and is not limited to the study of observable phenomena.
The foundation of this theory is laid on Marx theory on historical materialism.The action of Marx on historical materialism focused on labour power and the production process. Marx believes that man enters into labour relationships in order to survive.He begins to determine the available raw materials and the instruments of labour, which gives rise to the means of is this “means of production “ that determines the employment of labour also determines the type of product labour produces as output of its power.I’m the production process.

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