About Me

4 Aug 2022

My name is Ekomobong ini ikpeme. I'm 22, 28 August is my birthday, I'm chocolate in complexion, I'm pretty handsome with a cute smile attached with dimples. I'm average height with bore legs . One funny thing about me is that I literally laugh at everything , and everything I see I find it funny . Literally don't have hobbies , I find everything I do interesting and fun most especially football, I can't trade that for anything .I'm Single and not searching because I have been through alot experiencing the dramatic chaos I have faced in a woman I'm very hardworking and smart . I'm independent even if I have parents, I literally left the stage of asking things from my parents and I decided facing reality my in my own way.Im literally scared if the crowd, I hate crowded places, I dunno why , maybe because the make me scared .I'm fun to be with and I hope to spend my best with the girl of my dreams

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