Journey so spiritual

14 Mar 2023

In opposition to the mountains,
Among the trees is a tiny home.
I'm absorbed in peace.
My soul is struggling to breathe.

White clouds that are drifting gently, quiet wind.
I'm seized by the moment.
while my heart begins to mend.

a portion of me
an astonishingly blue sky.
I extend my wings, and my spirit begins to soar.

I fly to remote locations where hurt and pain formerly resided.
My eyes begin to swell as the memories pass me by.

Tears softly fall down my cheeks.
They are dried off by the breeze, and I feel at peace.

Across ocean and land, my spirit guide softly takes me by the hand as I soar.

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a long flight,
I bow my head and start to cry like an eagle.

When I was back on the property, across from the trees, I started to understand what healing entailed.

It means to keep in mind all the horrors that one soul has to through while letting the past flow.

This flight taught me a vital lesson about using my abilities in real life.

I watch the sun set alone as I finally understand how at ease I have become.

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