Comments ,Tips are lifeblood in blogging.

24 Oct 2023

Comments are views, thoughts, opinions with criticism, clapping and encouraging by readers to the author. It has great importance in life of a writer because he saw reflection of audience in shape of comments. A simple example I will add here that if you want to buy any thing online, just check reviews / comments. You will get real picture in seconds.

Comments on published contents are little bit different methodology because each one has its own logic to narration about certain topic/ text / essay. Comments should be

  • Relevant to article
  • Realistic and comprehensive
  • Within the mannered attitude
  • Within the plot of article
  • Should be logical
  • Should be consist on minimum 3 lines.

Any author gets true feedback about his effort of writing an article of 600-1000 words through the comments of readers. Illogical, irrelevant and improper comments always hurt the author. Also such comments damage the image of user , damage the account (tagged as spammer) and ultimately leads to suspend the account with assets freezing.

Here I want to add some of my experience of just one week on bulb app where I found huge spamming in context of comments. As I found has strong moderators team like @BULB Official , @Napes ,@Miguel , @Hédi Farhat and more Which are available 24/7 to keep hawks eye on each activity. They are reporting comments, posts and pages as spam where ever they detect. They are marking and flagging the posts which will lead to deduction in Bulb points and may fall some restrictions as well on authors.

Spam comments and there draw-backs .

Comments are beauty on content writing/ blogging sites. Each comment add a value of the blog and gives a dose of encouragement to the writer. Comments motivates author to write more and better.
Blogging sites always has Zero tolerance on improper, irrelevant comments. All the comments containing wow , thanks, great article, stay blessed, nice write up , I am thankful to you on this, thanks for sharing etc are spamming words/ sentences. Plagiarism system detect such comments as SPAM. Moderater mark / flag report it and probably we lost our earning on that comment.

So read the article fully, understand and then write relevant comment. If can't understand the content then better don't do any comment instead of spam comment.

Now what happens on most of sites, mostly after reporting of moderater the earnings on that comment deducted from the commenter account and three reports in a row issues a warning letter which mostly send the given Mailbox.

Spammed article.
Copying the content from any site and pasting under your name called plagiarism and it is crime anywhere of blogging site. Exactly same happening here on BULB and moderators checking plagiarized content and flagging such articles as spam.

All the Bulb points/ tokens earned on such article will go back to site account ( most probably). It never gives good feeling to anyone of he is doing this crime conscious/ unconsciously. So avoid that this practice or give source address with it to keep your account safe.

BULB giving free energy points daily according to the user's level daily ( 30 - 150) . The users use These energy points for his activity like posting, upvoting and commenting. We use energy points in activities and system add bulb points/ tokens in our wallet which disposed in our main account weekly.

Another feature on Bulb site is Tip.
It means tip to author from your own wallet. If you really enjoy from a blog and found it useful to you then you must try this feature of the site. How ?

  1. Click on tip on the bottom of the article along with reaction tools.

2. Select the amount you want to donate/ tip . Interesting thing is you can tip even 1 $BULB also .

3. Confirm the transaction,

4. You will receive the notification such like this.

5. That's all , you have tipped to the author.
Personally I like this feature and I will urge all senior users to use this feature to develop a good tipping environment on Bulb. This initiative will boost ,

  • Transactions of $BULB on Solana Blockchain.
  • Visibility on Blockchain.
  • Phantom visits.
  • Awareness about $BULB

That's all for today, like , react and leave comment for feedback.


Lead image taken from Pixabay and edited on PixelLab.

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Thanks for the reminder
that is much fair call on good comments. tipping from wallet also new to me and sure i will try it out .
Nice write up!! All pretty valid points, particularly the one around tipping. It's a good way to show support for a creator and also keeps the bulb token flowing around the community. Also interested to see how the article NFT function is set to work after it's been in play for a while. Haven't minted any yet but have purchased some. Thanks for the read
Spamming is a real problem for platforms like BULB but fortunately we got a strong moderation system :)
Here was I thinking blogging is all about click bait
let's see this