Mentioned in a recent article about crypto published in La Revue du Financier

17 Sept 2023

I feel extra glad and honored to be mentioned in a new article by Jacky Ouziel and Anna Poliakova in the French financial journal La Revue du Financier. The article "Introduction à l'évaulation de la cryptographic" focuses on how businesses can achieve compliance for crypto assets, such as by paying salaries or donating to refugees in crypto as Bitcoin.
"However, according to Vladan Lausevic, “The tricky thing is that recognition still demands a political decision as in El Salvador – legalizing crypto. But on the flip side, the Danish government may make a special law for crypto salaries or just ignore the current system.”".
More info via the links in the comment field. 
The article in published in French can be downloaded via the following link
There is also a text in English via Anna's LinkedIn 
Thanks for reading and sharing. Especially if you speak French and have French-speaking contacts :)

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I just updated me
Crypto will be legal
Very interesting indeed, thanks for the information
El Salvador is leading countries in crypto innovation
Thanks for this, it was an informative read. Sadly my french isn't particularly good.