Best players in the 1960s

2 Aug 2022

In the NBA there are so many great players in this article i'm going to write about the best players from the 60's this is part 1

At Number 5 I have Bob Petit. He was 6,9 and the first player to win the MVP he was the far best player in his team and led them to an NBA finals.

At Number 4 I have Jerry West was a Point Guard for The los angeles lakers and if you didn't know is the actual NBA Logo.

At Number 3 I Have Oscar robertson. He was a great scorer who averaged 25.7 points throughout his career. And he also had a career 181 triple doubles which is where you get a double digit stat in three categories.

At Number 2 I have Bill Russel this guy won 11 championships and 5 mvps he and wilt chamberlain were rivals always trying to best one another, unfortunately bill russell died yesterday at the age of 88 but his legacy will forever be known

At Number 1 I have wilt chamberlain he was 7,1 and was an unstoppable force he is in my top 10 players of all time 



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Great list @Jydstar. I had only heard about the number one and number two in your list. Wilt chamberlain was an amazing player and probably deserves a Top 10 spot in everyone’s list of NBA stars of all time.
Good to learn about the top basketball players that dominated the 1960s!! Legends!