Metamask's new Mobile update

14 Jul 2022

Giving users the best experience should be the priority of every company.  For the past years, users of Metamask have had to manually input the RPC of some major blockchains which don't offer the best User Experience, unlike other Decentralized crypto wallets such Token Pocket etc where these RPCs come as a default in the Wallet. With tokenpocket wallet, users can add various blockchains without having to type the RPCs manually. 

The overall user experience of a product determines to a great extent how users interact with that product and how much they would prefer that product over others. 

Finally, metamask has decided to make an improvement in the User Experience of their mobile users in their most recent mobile app update, which was made in a tweet about 23Hrs ago as of the time of this article. 

The update has a feature whereby users are able to add popular networks with just 2 clicks. The networks that support this feature are:

  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum
  • Binance Chain
  • Fantom
  • Harmony
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  • Palm

The metamask team has promised that the feature will soon be available for the Metamask Extension. 

User experience is really important, and every service provider should understand that.

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metamask most trusted web online wallet .nice its growing more
Metamask is one of my favourite Wallets, and this feature has been available for the desktop version for a.lingbwhile now. I rarely use the mobile version, but it's great to know that RPCs are now available for quick add now
Best wallet to use
I have been anticipating this feature for a very long time on metamask, finally, we can add e the RPC networks of top blockchains on metamask with a few clicks. Thanks for sharing this great update
The great web
Wow ,adding more networks was awesome. Alternatively, we have website called '' which helps us to add network almost all.
Thanks for good information
I am so grateful for this update because going to search for the RPC of a certain network was usually exhausting especially when in a haste. I am so happy about the new update by metamask
that's cool! i have been using the extension on my PC for a while that i didnt notice the update. Thanks for the info.