A call for My nation

7 Mar 2023

So I came to do the right 

Yet got bruised and bloodied

So because I chose I was wounded 

That the one I had but it was taken

Now to be a reproach and a lesson to remember 

That my sweat would not be in vain I returned so wonder

To do my part and end corruption 

And many lessons in order for a revolution for my nation

Yes I know that the violence is real cause I’ve tasted it

Yet I will be strong because I know there is hope for redemption 

Even though the path seems dark as night

We will swoosh in like a fast breeze blowing

Because this is our nation and all hands must be on deck for this nation

To bring what we desire even though there be hurdles or dismays 

I see the snake eating himself as the state of the river rises till it drowns its people

They are vampires that come to drink our blood 

And consume the benefits of our resources 

See their fangs on it lies the venom of their violence 

They are the serpentine serpents with falsehood as they stand in this nation

Filling the chambers with smiles of deception

We will dare for hope and bring an end to their rising

For this is Nigeria and it is all we have here

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