5 Things To Improve Handwriting

6 Jun 2022

Here are 5 things to improve handwriting. Handwriting is a important thing in our life. Everyone want that their handwriting become good. It is simple to improve handwriting but we need to do is practice. Yes, practice is the only thing which can improve handwriting. As much we will write our handwriting will become good. So, writing practice is very necessary for Improving handwriting of a individual.

1. Hold the pen in correct position
Some people don't hold pen correctly that is why their handwriting is not good. So, we should hold it correctly.

2. First do practice in ruling page
Firstl try to do more and more practice in ruling and try to write neatly. Do as much practice as you can do.

3. Spacing
While writing you should keep in mind to give proper between the words you write. It helps in good representation of the words.

4. First write slowly and try to increase speed Gradually
While writhing you should first write slowly and then gradually increase your speed.

5. Practice
Do practice as much as you can. It is very necessary to improve handwriting. You should write minimum 2 pages daily.Your handwriting definitely will become good. 

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