How to Write a Strong Mission Statement For Your Company.

6 Jun 2022

Writing a powerful and successful mission statement for a company is not a simple task. You must carefully consider what you want to put in your mission statement. It must be consistent with all parties involved in your organization, including customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders (owners, etc.).
A strong mission statement should, at a minimum, incorporate the following three elements:

1. What does your company do for its customers?

2. What does your company do for its employees?

3. What does your company do for its stakeholders/owners?

Also, good mission statements include a fourth component: what the company will do for the community. These are undoubtedly the most crucial aspects of a mission statement, so include them in yours.

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What good does a strong mission statement do for a company?
It is similar to a personal mission statement in that it clarifies the purpose. A mission statement is more sophisticated than a personal WHY statement since a business is more complex. A well-written mission statement should be used to:

• Determine the primary business goal (s)

• Identify the company culture

• Define the company's ethics.

• Provide decision-making guidance

Unfortunately, most mission statements are badly stated, making you wonder why business owners bothered to write theirs in the first place. Not just smaller enterprises, but even some of the largest ones, are guilty of this.

A hazy mission statement serves no purpose for either your clients or your personnel. People will not commit if they do not comprehend your mission statement. So, in this article, I'll show you how to write a clear mission statement that will appeal to all stakeholders of your business.

What is the Goal of Your Company?
The first step in creating a good mission statement is to explain what your company is about precisely. Consider the customer here and plan out the process from learning about you to deciding to acquire your products and services.

You need to think about these 3 main aspects:
1. Why do your customers want what you have to offer?

2. How will customers find your company?

3. What do your customers stand to gain?

In your mission statement, explain why your clients should buy from you. To help establish a clear picture, make a list of what your company does as well as what it does not do.

What does your company do to benefit its employees?
If a company does not care about its people, it will not have significant turnover, which is costly. So, use your mission statement to keep your personnel for a longer period. Consider how you motivate and train your staff. Here are some suggestions:

• You offer the best training.

• You treat your employees fairly.

• You value your employees' suggestions.

All of these things are important to your staff. It would be best if you informed them that you regard them as your most valuable asset and intend to take care of them. To avoid making your mission statement too long, write one for your consumers and another for your staff and stakeholders.

Owners and Mission Statements
Your mission statement should also contain what is in it for your owners. If you are not the business's owner, talk to the proprietors to find out what is essential to them. The share price and return on investment are almost likely to be of interest.
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