Top 5 freshest token mining applications on Telegram

19 Jun 2024

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My list of freshest minning application on Telegram, that help you to participiate in various projects as earlier as possible.
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1. BeraSig Wallet

BeraSig Wallet is a gamified mobile portal that makes exploring Berchain simple and fun. In this world, you can catch virtual bees, earn rewards, and mine the $BEE token. The platform emphasizes user experience and community standards, offering features for group management and federation participation. Its rapid growth, reaching 10,000 users in less than 24 hours, speaks to its popularity and potential in the Web3 space. Stay tuned for server updates and new features as BeraSig Wallet continues to attract attention! The app was launched on June 10th.

Link: Mine $BEE tokens

2. City Holder

In a world plagued by crises and disasters, City Holder provides an opportunity to build your own future. Create and manage your city, earn tokens through gameplay, and simply enjoy the process! The $CITY token will soon be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, offering even more possibilities. Although this game hasn’t been released yet, it’s one of the most anticipated. Join now to receive bonuses before the release!

Link: Mine $CITY tokens

3. Ton Heroes

Ton Heroes is an RPG where the main focus is on opening chests. Players can obtain new equipment and level up by unlocking chests, making the game easy to start. Currently in beta testing, the game will conclude on June 24th! Beta testers will receive the following rewards:
⭐️ Points = Player level * 20
🎁 Priority for future airdrops

Link: Mine $Points

4. Bump

Join the game with Bump by MMpro Trust and Tonkeeper! Start earning real money! Collect points, exchange them for valuable assets before the IPO, or sell them for cash. Additionally, you’ll receive 10% of all points collected by your friends. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a co-owner of major companies.

Link: Mine $MMPro Points

5. Reputation Builder

Reputation Builder is a mini-application on the Telegram platform, designed to revolutionize our perception of online reputation and identity. By interacting with the app, users can earn $Reputation points, contributing to their universal basic income (UBI) and granting access to various exclusive benefits. The project started on June 11th!

Link: Mine $Reputation Points

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