In Life

7 Feb 2023

In life, we all face struggles, big and small,

And pain can be one, that tests us all.

It grips us tight, and refuses to fade,

Bringing us down, in a never-ending shade.

But within us, there's a flame that still burns,

A light that shines, and with every turn,

Reminds us that we are strong and we can fight,

And push through the pain, with all our might.

So we rise each day, with a heart full of hope,

And face the world, with a spirit to cope.

For we know that each step, is a step closer to peace,

And each day that we fight, is a day we will cease.

And though the journey may be long and hard,

And the pain may grip us, with a strength so scarred,

We'll keep moving forward, with each breath we take,

And never give up, for a brighter tomorrow's sake.

For we are warriors, with a courage so bold,

And we won't let pain, have control.

We'll keep fighting, until the end in sight,

And emerge stronger, in the morning light.

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