My Crypto Discord Weekly Round-Up #14

9 Sept 2023

Crypto Media is a great source of information, it's very easily digested as it's all organised for you. Not a lot in it outside the mainstream projects though and when that information gets to you it's usually old.

Crypto Twitter is a great source of information too, but it's literally everything so the noise can often overpower any signal. Hard to identify what the people posting have to do with the projects they're talking about too.

Crypto Discords are kinda the best of both worlds. They have the structure that Crypto Twitter does not (and can never have) but go deeper then Crypto Media can (or will ever be able to). The downside is you need to actually be in the Discords to see the information.

There's a lot of interesting stuff that gets announced in Discords that I see, that others don't.
I'm sharing anything I think is particularly noteworthy for people outside of the Discords.
And quite frankly I love what these teams are doing and think it should get more airtime so I'm trying to do my bit to make that happen.

I post daily on my Solcial account (see link at the bottom of the post) and on BULB I'm doing a weekly summary of those posts in a blog post (like the one you're reading now!).

The rules I've set for myself are pretty simple:

  1. I only post from the official announcements channel/s in each Discord. No gated token/NFT gated channels and no discussions from the channels.
  2. I only post what I find interesting. Your mileage may vary. I do have a soft spot for alpha though...
  3. I use the same prompt each time to generate a cover image for the post: discord weekly round up

That's it. Let's get to the posts.

What drew my attention this week?

Trader Joe 30/08/2023

Joepegs Bug Bounty Program
It's time to zap these bugs away for good. At Joepegs, we are striving for nothing short of excellence. Your trust in our platform is paramount. Therefore, we are officially announcing the Joepegs Bug Bounty Program. All valid bug reports will be eligible for a 1,000 $JOE token reward.

How to Participate
Submission: Submit your bug via this linked form by filling out all required fields:
Transparency: Once submitted, all bugs will be added to our public Notion page and marked as ‘valid’ or ‘invalid’:
Point of Contact: For queries, email or open a support ticket here ⁠🆘・support
Rewards: All ‘valid’ bugs will be eligible for a bounty reward (1k JOE tokens) which will be paid by every Friday each week

Important to note
All communications relating to this program will be through our official channels and team inbox at
We ask you to respect outlined channels for all communications and to not directly message individual team members.
We aim for a 24-hour initial response that identifies if your bug is either valid or invalid.

We value your contributions to making Joepegs better and more secure  Thank you to all contributors!

Trader Joe 05/09/2023

New Timeswap Integration: sJOE
Lend JOE into Timeswap and borrow USDC.e
The underlying strategy loops your deposited JOE into sJOE to earn the underlying sJOE fees
You can use your borrowed USDC.e for other DeFi activities such as yield farming or looping into JOE

Lots of insights and more information to share on a Twitter Spaces tomorrow:

Announcements (TS):

Announcements (TJ):

blocmates 01/09/2023

Weekly catch up!

Chatting about some of the emerging projects on Base! Have a great weekend

blocmates 06/09/2023

Happy Tuesday Ramen Hunters heres a look into your Tuesday newsletter which features GCR, Gambling and a bunch of Bananas

🤓 In today’s email.
Degen corner. GCR, gambling and a real good time
DeFi insights. 10 insights you need to know
ICYMI. Research on Rainmaker and Mori Finance
Top Tweets. blknoiz06 & _tolks sum up the current state of the market
And finally. Preserve capital & tough grass

@everyone help the village for more ramen

Flowmatic 07/09/2023

Exciting News in the Flowmatic + Hxro Ecosystem!
We are thrilled to announce a significant advancement in the Flowmatic + Hxro ecosystem!

Zero Day Futures Accessible to Flowmatic API Users

Starting now, Zero Day Futures will be accessible to Flowmatic API users and those utilizing projects built on top of Flowmatic. This groundbreaking development opens the doors to trading with leverage on a diverse array of assets, including lesser-known tokens.

Benefits for Traders and Market Makers

Traders and market makers, get ready for daily cash settlements with a VWAP price calculation. This innovation enhances capital efficiency and enables precise risk assessment, making your trading experience smoother and more effective.

Supporting Sustainability

As an added bonus, a portion of the fee revenue will be allocated towards buying back the underlying token of the Zero-Day Futures, reinforcing the ecosystem's sustainability.

Official Blog Post:

TLDR: The Hxro Network introduces "Zero-Day Futures" (ZDF), a novel cryptocurrency derivatives contract with a 25-hour expiration. ZDFs allow traders to speculate on crypto assets' short-term price movements with simplicity and transparency. Market makers benefit from guaranteed daily USDC settlements, reducing illiquidity risks. ZDFs open up trading opportunities for a wide range of assets with on-chain oracles. This innovation aims to make crypto speculation more accessible, secure, and attractive to traders and market makers alike.

While you're at it, go show us support on twitter:

Stay tuned for more updates and happy trading!

Beethoven X 05/09/2023


We need your help! In a first-of-its-kind Gitcoin Voting Round, the Fantom Foundation is distributing Ecosystem Vault funds to eligible dApps. Your beetastic, frazalastic, boombastic votes would help secure some of the funds for Beethoven X, allowing us to keep on innovating and providing additional incentives to our loyal Ludwigs. And who knows, one of you lucky voters may even win an exclusive 1/1 NFT.

What is the Ecosystem Vault

The Ecosystem Vault collects 10% of the transaction fees on Fantom. Previously, dApps were required to submit governance proposals to request funds from the Vault. However, after the passing of a recent governance proposal, these funds will now be distributed through funding rounds on Gitcoin. Currently, the Vault holds over 780,000 FTM!

How it works

Vault Funds will be distributed in quarterly voting rounds, with this being the first. Unlike traditional Gitcoin grant rounds, users are not required to donate any of their personal funds. Instead, we will be distributing GitcoinVote (GcV) tokens to our community members which will be used to vote, starting off with 100 tokens to each of our maBEETS holders. Users are capped to 1 vote each, with 100 GcV equal to 1 vote - any less will not count as a vote and any additional will unfortunately not make a difference.

How to participate

Get a Gitcoin Passport - In order for your vote to count you must first get a Gitcoin Passport which proves you're a living breathing Ludwig. (
Secure those Passport stamps - To make your passport eligible you must first secure a minimum score of 17 by connecting and verifying a number of web2 and web3 applications. We know this can be a little tedious so hang on in there everyone!
Receive your GcV - Over the course of this week we will be distributing GcV far and wide, so hopefully it should already be in your wallet. So far we’ve already distributed to all maBEETs holders. If you want to vote but haven't received any tokens then reach out to one of the team.
Vote Vote Vote - Finally head on over to the voting page and get that GcV sent off. (

For a step-by-step guide on the entire process check out the following article:

NFT Giveaway

Yep, you heard that right! All voters will be automatically entered into a super exclusive 1/1 NFT giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled for the grand reveal over on Twitter.

Every vote counts

Finally, for everyone who takes the time to vote, we want to say a massive thank you! Beethoven X has faced challenge after challenge recently, and the continued support from our community means so much. With any additional funding from this grant we will of course strive to continue building and rewarding our wonderful community. With a portion of the funds flowing straight to maBEETS holders as additional incentives, meaning our users will directly benefit!

OATH 07/09/2023

It’s time for another round of voting on your favorite DEXs!

Here are the vote incentives for this week:

ERN-stERN: ~$2300
ERN-USD+: ~$1200, to be matched by Overnight Fi

ERN-stERN: ~$1500
ERN-LUSD: ~$1000, voted on by Liquity’s veNFT
ERN-DOLA: ~$1200, matched by Inverse Finance
OATH-WETH: ~$500

ERN-stERN: ~$1400
ERN-USDT: ~$875
ERN-FRAX: ~$750 in OATH matched by Frax

ERN-stERN: ~$1500
ERN-CASH: ~$600, more than doubled due to automatic CASH bribing
ERN-STAR: ~$1200, matched by Preon

ERN-stERN: ~$1500, with over $700 in fees generated
ERN-LUSD: ~$250, voted on by Liquity’s veNFT
ERN-GRAI: ~$300 in OATH, to be matched by Gravita
stERN/swETH: ~$250, let us know what you guys think of the new pool!

As a friendly reminder to everyone, we own veNFTs for all of these DEXs excluding Velodrome and Aerodrome. Our NFTs are used to vote on our own pools, subsequently collecting a large percentage of the incentives we dish out.

Important Note: We will be shifting our pairings for OATH pools to WETH (OATH/WETH) starting next week to accommodate a wider audience and to give you all an easier time getting in and out of OATH outside of Optimism.

Thank you all and have an amazing rest of your week!

Stride 02/09/2023

Hey hey Stride community! It's that time again... @Zealy reward winners for AUGUST are as follows:

top 3 (100 USDC each)

raffle winners (50 USDC each)

Congratulations on winning from the Zealy prize pool! We are stoked to have such an engaged community of Zealy users continuing to engage with the community in a way that keeps you sharp in your Defi and Liquid staking knowledge. Please share your OSMO in ⁠🌻﹕off-topic and tag @cryptoH | stride - you can expect your reward in the next few days.

Zealy leaderboard has been reset and is new for the month of September.

Happy questing
Updates channel: ⁠🎭﹕zealy-feed

P.S. look out for a new collab in the coming week

Stride 07/09/2023

hey @everyone! the Stride Support Lab has been working on developing our hub of Stride Academy tutorials and guides to ensure our users are able to wield the power of their stTokens with confidence and ease.

In the last few weeks, we have revised and enhanced our existing tutorial hub, as well as written and published more than 10 new tutorials for you to utilize! Start here when employing your stTokens in the Cosmos Defi ecosystem and beyond and get to know our integration partners through our user-friendly guides.

Find your new Stride Academy tutorials easily on !
Scroll down to "Resources"
Click "Tutorials and Guides"
See where your stTokens will take you

If you have a request for a new guide or tutorial, reach out in the ⁠🙋﹕support channel!

Beethoven X 07/09/2023

Maestros, presenting you the protocol revenue results for the month of August:

At the time of collection, fees totalled $20.7k

$2.9k (14.2%) of the fees were generated on Fantom
$17.7k (85.8%) were generated on Optimism

Collected fees were deployed in the following way:

Held on Optimism

• $14.0k was used to buy OP to be paired with our Optimism grant and used as incentives.


• $2.0k is currently kept in treasury as a combination of lzUSDC on Fantom and USDC on Optimism.
• $2.2k will be used to acquire a combination of veBAL, vlAura and auraBAL.

maBEETS voting incentives

• 262k BEETs ($2.5k) were bought off the open market and will be distributed as gauge bounties
• As a reminder, July and August incentives will cover a total of 5 gauge votes, so August bounties will be split as follows:
20% for Aug 31th vote (on top of the July values), 40% for Sept 14th vote and 40% Sept 28th vote.

KlimaDAO 07/09/2023


A new RFC has been submitted to the KlimaDAO Forum: "Separate Carbonmark from KlimaDAO and Fund Expansion Strategy"

The proposal:
This proposal centers on spinning off Carbonmark as an independent entity from KlimaDAO.

Since our inception in 2021, Carbonmark has evolved into a central operational focus, which in turn has blurred the primary mission of KlimaDAO. The separation aims to strategically realign both initiatives, ensuring more focused and efficient outcomes.

Redefining Carbonmark:
As a standalone entity, Carbonmark will have the autonomy to forge new partnerships, compliantly innovate further in the space, all while sidestepping the operational constraints tied to what comes with being a DAO.

Benefits for KlimaDAO:
With Carbonmark operating independently, KlimaDAO can redirect resources to its strategic priorities, including incentivizing more supply within the DCM, providing liquidity to strategic partners, and continuing its pathway towards decentralization.

The proposed separation preserves and amplifies the original intent of KlimaDAO's foundation whilst allowing Carbonmark to sustainably find its feet.

Join the Conversation:
The RFC is live. Your voice matters! Delve into the discussion on the KlimaDAO Forum and contribute to the future of the DCM!

Taking a break, but I'll be back!

I'm going to take a couple of month's break from BULB and the various side projects I have bubbling along in the crypto/web3 space. I have a very busy period of time coming up and I don't have the time to cover it all.

I'm still going to be keeping my finger somewhat on the pulse of what's going on, but just will not be as active as I was. Hopefully I'll be back in force nearer to Xmas.

I'll be still around so ping me here, on Solcial or on the Discords if needed. I promise I'll respond but just can't guarantee it will be prompt during this period.

Over to you!

Do you have a favourite crypto project you think deserves some more publicity?
How do you engage/follow this project?
Let us know in the comments

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One of my favourite project is Torum and I engage with it the same way I could to any Social Media
See you back during Xmas
Nice wrap as usual. Always enjoy these pieces. Whats your fav project at the moment wrt to potential long term
Thanks for the information, very interesting
Joepegs Bug Bounty Program is weary interesting...I must look for it
I will look forward to your return as I enjoy your articles very much.
Most of these projects are just new to the crypto space and their utility is lacking to me