I will always be here for you

15 Nov 2022

You felt so secure after being protected.
Now that your hero has fallen from grace, everything you once knew is meaningless, and I can see the fear on your face. What should you do?

To whom will you now flee?
Who is going to protect you from the storm?
Who will wipe your tears away?
when hurt is all you feel?

I understand your shaky faith.
Your spirits have become down.
When hope is steadily ebbing away, nothing is worthwhile.

I implore you to turn away from the sky
I promise to shield you from all the lies if you just open your heart and close your eyes. If you let me in, I'll warm the cold.
Your hero sold the light, I'll bring it back.

The moment you open your eyes, that world is gone.
Except for you and me, there is nothing and no one.

Do you sense the serenity?
Do you sense the heat?
Do you think I love you?

The world is back when you open your eyes, but keep in mind that I am holding your heart in my very own, very close arms.
Now take my hand that is extended to you and realize that with me, you have nothing to fear or worry about.


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