I'm never alone

23 Mar 2023

Making friends doesn't take long.
But with me being alone
That never ends, I guess.

They label me a misfit.
And declare that I have no life; they express their sympathy for the man who will make me his wife.

They look at me unfavorably.
Every time I pass them, they always make fun of me and attempt to make me weep.

I try to be resilient.
I attempt to act normally.
I attempt to disregard it.
I also aim to avoid conflict.

But they always seem to find me, no matter where they are.
Regardless of what I'm doing or where I may be

They didn't bother me today, which makes me wonder how I learned about the new girl and how they made her cry.

I went in search of her.
So that we can defend one another against them, I'm hoping to become a friend.
Then I can finally stop being alone.

Finally, I located her.
I asked her what she was doing at the back of the school, and she said, "Being an idiot."

She claimed to have experienced everything previously.
I sat down next to her and informed her that her former classmates think they're cool.

That day, she and I became best friends. She is the first friend I've ever had. Now, we continue to remain close and get through both good and terrible times.

Never believe that you are alone if you ever feel that way.
You will never be alone since there is always someone to call.

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