LimeWire and the NFT Space

7 May 2022

Music will be the first area LimeWire focuses on when it launches as a digital collectibles marketplace. 

NFT collectibles may be created, purchased, or traded with ease using LimeWire.

BitTorrent and LimeWire work together. As a result, a LimeWire crypto project has arisen after BitTorrent's rise to prominence. 

Though the file-sharing platform seems to be reborn, LimeWire appears to be going in a new direction.

A 12-year sabbatical from LimeWire was announced to investors in March. Instead of file sharing, the initiative will concentrate on NFTs. 

For artists and celebrities, NFTs have proven a profitable new method of selling digital artifacts. 

Using its own NFT trading platform for music, LimeWire will be able to provide an additional service in this market.

Tokens of rare music, such as demos, unreleased or limited-edition albums, and other digital goods, will be purchased in May. 

LimeWire has already raised $10 million in a secret token sale before the market's rollout.

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