1 Feb 2023

My eyes are scarlet, filled with lines and hurt. My sockets can barely carry them. They are filled with tears and pain, and they tell the story of my grievances, of the suffering I have endured and the hardship I have lived through. Look a tad over a few seconds into them and you will see the stories they tell, the history the show.

My back is broken and battered by the crushing weight they carry. Every movement my arms make feel like they are being pulled out from their joints. My spine is collapsing into my chest, crushing my heart and soul.

My legs have walked, they have ran, they have crawled. My knee caps have peeled off, my thighs have stiffened. The soul of my feet have melted off from trekking for so long on the hot sand.

I have suffered, I have cried, I have been courageous and strong... But now I am tired. I need rest.

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