Keep XRP Out of Your Crypto Portfolios, Says

12 Mar 2024

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Keep XRP Out of Your Crypto Portfolios, Says Expert Macro Investor

Author: Mustafa Mulla

 Mar 11, 2024 14:17

Story Highlights

  • Renowned macro investor Jason Pizzino issues a bold caution, advising keeping XRP out of your Crypto portfolios.
  • Despite a 500% gain in the previous cycle, XRP is vulnerable, hovering just 30% away from the SEC lawsuit low.
  • In the meantime, XRP maintains $0.62 amid a 0.40% dip, trading sideways since the 2024 peak.

Renowned macro investor Jason Pizzino is sounding a clear warning to cryptocurrency investors, advising against including XRP in their portfolios. Despite short-term gains, $XRP grapples with significant challenges, notably struggling to surpass its 2017 high of $3.40.


Is XRP a risky bet for your crypto portfolio? Read on to find out.

Struggling to Break Even

Pizzino’s analysis reveals a daunting task for XRP, requiring a substantial 2600% return to match Bitcoin’s 2017 peak. While XRP saw a 500% gain in the previous cycle, it now faces vulnerability, tethered to the overall SEC lawsuit, with only 30% remaining available.

$XRP does not belong in your #crypto portfolio, ever. Even if it pumps this cycle, XRP must do over 2600% to break even against #Bitcoin value from 2017 peak.

Last cycle it managed 500% and is now at risk of breaking the SEC Lawsuit low; just 30% away.
The only benefit to…
— Jason Pizzino 🌞 (@jasonpizzino) March 11, 2024

Pizzino doesn’t stop at statistics; he points out that discussions about XRP can distract audiences from other promising projects, potentially overlooking inherent dangers. It’s a call for a broader perspective.
Armed with data, charts, and facts, Pizzino leaves the decision to individual investors, urging a careful assessment of the risks tied to holding $XRP.
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Six-Year Setback: A Long-Term View

Pizzino draws attention to the sobering fact that many who invested in XRP since 2018 have faced a negative return after six years. It’s a reality check, prompting caution.
In a taunting tone, Pizzino compares XRP holders’ performance unfavorably to Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff.
Pizzino asserts that XRP’s challenges are not exclusive; similar dynamics apply to Bitcoin and various altcoins during bull markets. It’s not just a warning about one cryptocurrency; it’s a call to understand the broader market.
This eye-opening analysis highlights the challenges and risks associated with holding $XRP, prompting Pizzino to advise investors to exercise caution and explore alternative options for building a more stable and potentially profitable cryptocurrency portfolio.

XRP Price Action

Presently, XRP is trading at $0.62, with a slight 0.40% decrease in the last 24 hours. Despite reaching its 2024 peak on March 5th, Pizzino hints that closing above the $0.6293, 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level could challenge the bearish outlook. The next significant hurdle is the 2024 high at $0.6685.
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