That Little Boy From Rosario...

18 Dec 2022

What will I write today?

Today, history has been made, and there is no doubt about that. That little boy from Rosario, Argentina years ago, has been through a lot. From being diagnosed with a disease to becoming the best player in the world.

He has raw talent, and he shone everywhere he went, but he had troubles with his national squad. Everyone knows that Messi is not an outright number 9, and fancies featuring either on the flank (especially the right flank, as he is left-footed) or in a midfield role, sometimes playing from deep midfield, but in the national team he had a lot of issues.

These issues stemmed from having the wrong set of strikers, and with Aguero being injured at the time, he had to do everything with help from just Di Maria and young Dybala. Today, the squad, dying to give Messi a world cup, and he has now been crowned the GOAT!, no one comes close!

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