Fitness and Good Nutritions Tips

26 Jan 2023

The problem related to good health is not just with a human being. According to a survey, the problem related to good health is like a challenge in front of every human being. It is not that this is a big problem and there is no easy solution to overcome it, just because of some different laziness and some mistakes we make it bigger. That's why I hope all dear readers will get more experience from this post and help in making life better.

  • Sleep and wake up time should be fixed.
  • Morning walk and exercise.
  • Best Food for Health.
  • (A) Breakfast
  • (B) Lunch
  • (C) Dinner
  • Ways to relieve mental stress.
  • Energy Sources.
  • Good sleep and rest.

1. Sleep and wake up time should be fixed.
Sleeping at the right time and waking up at the right time keeps the balance of the brain, this is one of the reasons that has a great effect on your body. If you stay up late at night, it is natural that you will sleep till late in the morning. If you sleep late in the morning, it is sure that you will work with a lazy mind and body throughout the day. That's why every person should sleep early in the night, because with the increasing order of the night, air pollution and noise pollution starts decreasing and oxygen level starts increasing.
2. Morning walk and exercise.
If you wake up in the morning and exercise then it is a good thing, but even if you do not exercise, you should wake up early in the morning and go for morning walk for at least 1 km and take deep breaths because the oxygen level is very high in the morning. It happens that it helps to energize you throughout the day. While walking in the morning, you should keep your attention away from the mobile screen and look at the green plants and leaves of trees, this is the only time in the whole day that your eyes get a better experience.

3. Best Food For Health.
Your food plays an important role in keeping the digestive power good and maintaining better energy throughout the day, so pay special attention to your food that what you are going to eat in your food. I can't include food names in this because many people in cold countries can't eat the things I'll mention here or they might not have it available.
(A) Breakfast: Avoid eating oil and fat food in the morning breakfast. It slows down your digestion and keeps you lethargic during work. It would be better if your breakfast included milk, boiled eggs, sprouted wheat, moong, gram, etc. You can also include dryfruits in your morning breakfast.
(B) Lunch: This is one time when you should eat better. In such a situation, you should avoid eating too spicy. Still, you can eat chicken butter chatter-patter in it, because this is the time of the day when you move or do your work while roaming, due to which your digestive system digests the non-digestible things easily.
(C) Dinner: Because your digestion process is very slow at night, so there is a need to eat light food 1 hour before sleeping, it is better to eat more hot things in dinner and that is why people of cold countries include alcohol in it. We do Taking a walk after dinner is very beneficial.
4. Ways to relieve mental stress.
At the time of high stress, it is good to keep your attention away from that thing, that is why you should take a break and change your attention, remember the happy times you met with friends and you can also do meditation. In ancient times, meditation was more beneficial for yogis and ascetics to relieve their mental stress.
5. Energy Sources.
After a whole day's work, there is a time in the evening when you feel maximum tired and also become physically weak, then you need some foods that give you energy quickly, yet people They don't take it seriously they just try to satisfy their hunger by eating anything, this reduces or skips their dinner because it's evening time and you can't eat anything like that because it's night. There is food left, these types of foods satisfy your hunger but you do not get instant energy and it is just a kind of waste, that is why you should eat juices, fruit chips and energetic snacks at that time. These foods get digested in no time and you get energy.
6. Good sleep and rest.
As much as a good food is necessary for a good health, it is equally important to give physical rest and sleep, it is very good to sleep early at night because the sooner you sleep, the sooner you complete your sleep and get up in the morning. And the most important thing is that as the night progresses, the oxygen level increases and noise pollution and air pollution start decreasing. You should pay special attention to some things while sleeping, such as your bed should be comfortable and there should not be any disturbance in the place where you are sleeping! I have seen many people fall asleep anywhere and in whatever way they fall asleep. In such a situation, your body does not get better rest, only your eyes and brain get a little rest, in this way your working capacity is affected and other physical disorders arise.

Some people got good results in their daily life after adopting all the information mentioned in this post, I hope you will get better results if you adopt all these in your daily life.

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