The day that I met you

13 Jan 2023

The day that I met you, the day I thought I found the one, glowing as usual and doing the thing you are so good at "looking good" I thought to myself "damn you look too good for me" but to my greatest surprise you walked up to me and said "where's the physics laboratory". With my voice deep down in my breath and my belly I said " it's at the corner over there" pointing at the lab. At this point I could tell it was love at first sight. Although I didn't get to see you again that day but I was quite optimistic that I'll get to see you again. Lo and behold I saw you the very next day and after summoning every single amount of courage in me every ounce of ball I could gather to come talk to you and probably get your number. But before I could utter a word you fed me with "I do not talk to strangers"

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