Me vs Me

19 Aug 2022

It was on a cold winter night
Tucked in my bed I put out the lights

There I laid in the dark my thoughts running deep
Few minutes later, I fell into a deep sleep

I'd say my sins were countless
And without God's forgiveness
I wasn't ready to die yet

But that's the thing about death, It's inevitable

Around midnight, I stood up to use the restroom
But noticed a strange scene in my bedroom

On my bed was me still sleeping; not breathing just
I was petrified for a while for what I saw was

I moved closer to wake me up but every touch just went
through me

This was a war between me and my lifeless body
I screamed at the top of my voice hoping to be heard by

I must have died in my sleep without anyone knowing
I kept wondering if this was Christ coming or just me

"Wow, I'm so handsome"is what I said as looked at my
"Was that necessary now?"I thought as I sobbed all over
the place

So what was the next thing, Hell?
When I meet God face to face, what will I tell?

That I wasted my lifetime in sin?
That it's only when I had problems that I remembered

It seemed like I spent hours questioning myself
When I got back to my room and saw someone else

It was my Mom, from the corner of the room, I watched
her beg me to get up
"I already tried that" is what I'd have said but She won't
hear me so I shut up

So is this how my life was just ending?
"No", I screamed "slap me Mom, I might be pretending"

Moments later, a bright light filled the room
I soliloquized "This is supernatural, Oh I'm doomed"

Almost immediately, I started levitating leaving the
room behind
Suddenly I was on my bed again but sweating profusely this time

"What just happened, where have I been?"
Oh my goodness, that was a terrible dream..

I looked over to check the time and it was quarter-past
So scared to stand up, there was nothing I could do

I couldn't sleep till the early morn
When I narrated everything to my Mom

We prayed for forgiveness together
And I said my special prayer;

Oh my God I've come to say
Thank you for your love today
Thank you for my family
And all the friends you gave to me
Guide me in the dark at night
And in the morning send your light

Jude Umoren, 'Me vs Me' (online, 2018) <>.

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