My programming Skills.

25 Jul 2022

There are lots of programming languages out there in market which servers in various purposes. Like JAVA for android application development, Flutter ( A dart based framework) for android as well as IOS application, C and C++ for game design and Operationg system related. And well known language called PYTHON for mainly data and AI learning but it can be aslo used for web application. Javascript is another favourite among developers in terms of web development.

Now, talking about me , I know Javascript. I have no advanced knowledge in front end development but I know basics of HTML, CSS and JS. At backend development , I used mern stack for my study.
Mern stack uses Node.Js or Express.js , MongoDB as databases, ReactJS on frontend. Well, I am planing to have knowledge on backend with Node.js but together with it ,I want to learn blockchain so that I could replace MongoDB as databases.I have little knowledge of solidity on very basics level only.

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MBA ChitChat
Good for you, nowadays knowing how to program is a talented skill and in high demand.
Yes as a programming student. We should know all the programming language and it's code and all the things in it
Dave Ating
I use to think that Js is impossible to understand but I can assure you it is a wonderful feeling when you finally surmount what you thought was insurmountable. I want to be a full stack developer and I am now working on my backend since I have finished my frontend
good article
Learning the language and its syntax is the easy part. The difficult and main aspect of programming is "Logic building". You can know the syntax but if you don't how to properly build the logic when solving a given problem then programming becomes difficult.
Keep the good work going
I do understand the back end language but sometimes I feel difficulties in the logic building. And the very easiest thing is JS HTML and CSS
Wow, i know some coding too. Glad to meet a fellow MERN stack dev!
I envy you, my programming skill is as simple as 'hello world' 🤣
As there are so many languangin programme available in the market so for the app development or for the web development which programme should be use to get good result?
A very valuable skill to build and develop I hope you continue to enhance your programming skills. Thank you for sharing.
yeah nice i know c++ and prepairing data structure and algo programming / coding is in demand now
Would you say programming is fun? Seems you're quite knowledgeable on the subject
Pretty Rani
I am having issues in understanding the logic of the Program but the language i know is very simple 😅 it is CSS JS HTML and in back end language i had issue in logic building can you recommend me something to strong mY logic building
Great info
my design skill
Orthodox 🔶
Python is very easy to understand and use. I personally enjoy coding with python. It is more LIKE about giving computer commands using the English language. This versatility, along with its beginner-friendliness, has made it one of the most-used programming languages today.
Great article