DRiP Art: Borks Big Day Out

13 Feb 2024

Bork and his buddy had quite the big day out for this month's contest!

This is our entry for the latest community-sponsored writing competition. This month, the challenge was to create a story using pieces of DRiP art. Collect your own artwork by joining DRiPHaus, then sell your NFT’s on tensor.

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It was a chill kinda day last month when Bork The Viking pug was spending some time with Hachi Mugen. Hachi was a famous DJ. Bork was a great Viking, but pretty ordinary with music so he left that to Hachi because as it says. He’s the DJ!
Bork & Hachi

Hachi was telling Bork about a concert he did for new years. He was an opener for KGMan & Drop Nation. 
KG man
Bork thought this was so cool that he’d tag along to the next one at Jakeys Junkyard.

Jakeys Junkyard

Unfortunately, the stage was pretty sparse down at Jakeys. All that was there was a lightly $USEDCAR. So with the show a bust, Hachi and Bork went for coffee at Hachi’s cafe, called the Mugen Cafe. 

Mugen Cafe

Hachi was pretty happy not to have to perform for a $USEDCAR. Expecting a big day out with some cool tunes, Bork was sad. You could almost say that he was Type A gloomy!

Type A Gloomy

Thankfully, as one of the cool kids, Hachi had a plan. Cool kids always know where the parties are, so it wasn’t long before Bork could turn that frown upside down. No one is gloomy at a rave!

Drop Nation

After all that dancing Bork was kinda Looney. So they called it a night. Or a day. Cuz, that is how raves work. 

Bork The Looney
As they headed home Bork and Hachi were making small talk. “ You know, the last big day out I had was kind of a silly adventure. Rave dancing is much nicer than fighting a gigabear”.

Borks Silly Adventure

Thanks to the DRiP artists for providing the imagery for this short story!

Are you collecting NFT art on DRiP?? If you aren’t you should be. DRiP is a cool project that gives artists the chance to monetize their work and increase exposure. And don’t forget you can enter your own submission to this months community sponsored writing contest on Bulb to win your share of an LFG prize pool!

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Check out Borks Silly Adventure by Bork

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Ahhh the one and only Bork the Viking Pug. One of my favourite artists on DRiP. I am really fond of all the comics on DRiP (https://drip.haus/studionx being another that is great). I love how you've repurposed some Bork storylines into something new with other non-story driven DRiP pieces. I'm excited to see what else people are able to come up with. DRiP is an awesome platform and it's only possible on a chain like Solana which is so cheap and fast. It makes a lot of sense then that $LFG, a memecoin started in the honour of how much less in gas fees you pay on Solana, is our prizes. The entry post will be live in the next couple of days and that'll have all the contest details in it.
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