What kind of country is Iceland?

14 Feb 2023

Iceland is a magical country. It not only has beautiful snow scenes, but also volcanoes that people can’t ignore and due to this beauty iceland earned the title of “land of ice and fire”. Iceland unique geographical location has made it a different landscape, which has attracted countless people to come here.

Iceland land area: 103,000 square kilometers, population: 340,000. Main ethnic groups in the territory: Icelandic. Main language: Icelandic. Iceland is divided into 21 municipalities and 8 districts. Icelanders mainly live in: Reykjavík: 115,000, Kopavogur: 27,800, Hafnarfjordur: 25,400, Akureyri: 15,000, Isafjordur: 3946 people. In terms of population and area, Iceland can only be regarded as a small country. Although this country is small, its economy is extremely prosperous, and it can be regarded as a developed country.

History of Iceland:

In the early days, few people lived in Iceland, and between the 9th and 10th centuries, the Viking Inge Annason became the first permanent resident on the island. After a period of development, Iceland established the world’s first parliament (Althingi , Means the open-air parliament), and the Free State of Iceland was established.

Iceland economy:

Iceland is a developed country, and its economic volume ranks first in the world. In 2018, its GDP was: 25.878 billion U.S. dollars . The national GDP was: 73,191 U.S. dollars . From economic data Look, Iceland economic level can definitely be in the forefront of developed countries in the world. After all, Iceland is a highly developed country based on its population and economic data.

The service industry dominates the Icelandic economy. In 2017, the service industry and the retail industry accounted for 71.7% of the economy, and at the same time this sector created more jobs for the people of iceland. In addition, agriculture and animal husbandry, fishery, industry, banking, medical and other industries occupy the economy. In different proportions, Iceland's rise is due to the huge economic benefits brought by the "Marshall Plan", which allowing the rapid development of the domestic economy.

Well-known domestic companies in Iceland include: Icelandic National Electricity Company, Iceland Allianz Export (Group) Company, Iceland LYSI Company, 66° North Latitude, Beofi and other well-known companies. These companies help each other to develop and promote the prosperity of Iceland economy.

In 2018, during the global economic crisis, the three major banks in Iceland were severely hit. The Icelandic government successfully nationalized the banks and easily solved the major financial problems of people. The Icelandic government responded quickly to avoid the deterioration of the economic situation and at the same time shifted its economic focus to tourism. After several years of developing tourism, it has become an important pillar of the Icelandic economy.


If you want to eat pizza, you need to pay 17 euros. According to relevant information, one person needs to pay 43 euros for eating in a regular restaurant in Iceland, which means that if you want to shop in Iceland, you just need a few hundred euro. Therefore, this makes many tourists think that shopping in Iceland is very difficult. After all, it is not easy for everyone to make money.

Iceland is the country with the lowest unemployment rate in world. Each Icelander only needs to work forty hours a week, and once your weekly working hours reach 171.5 hours, your boss must pay for overtime. In addition, there is no minimum wage in Iceland. The average salary of Icelanders is 4450 Euros.

Some things about Iceland:

1. McDonald’s can be seen in many prosperous areas in different countries. After all, he has become a national snack, but in Iceland the situation is somewhat different, this country does not have McDonald's, and only the last burger has been kept in the museum.

2. Icelanders like to drink coffee very much. There is a coffee shop every few meters in the capital Reykjavík.

3. Who says that women are inferior to men? In Iceland, as long as men can do work, women can also do. At the same time, in order to give women more freedom, relevant laws have been introduced, which ensures that about 40% of the board of directors of every company must be women.

4. Iceland is a small country. Their newspapers often have trivial things. For example, a child who falls from bed can also be included as a news in newspaper. It can be said that Icelandic newspapers are very interesting.

5. Icelandic horses are the purest horses in the world. To ensure the purity of their pedigrees, the Icelandic government does not allow the horses to be exported.

6. Due to the extremely cold weather in Iceland, mosquitoes cannot reproduce offspring. This makes many people feel very happy who are troubled by mosquitoes.

7. Iceland has no railways and no roads. It is said that the last traffic jam was held in 1994 on the National Day event. At the same time, every Icelandic family own a car, so that they can ensure their own travel convenience.

8. The Icelandic police are not only easy to work but also very good-looking, and their daily work is also very diverse, such as building snowmen, teasing children on the roadside, taking selfies, etc.

In summary: Iceland is a high-welfare country. With its strong economic foundation, this country makes every citizen's life very joyful.

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