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7 Jul 2022

How to make Chai Masala -

* 40 in number, green cardamom = 20 grams

* 5 in number, big cardamom = it is also called Doda cardamom. Remove its peel and take it, after mashing it.

* 4–5 pieces of cinnamon stick = 10 grams and take it.

* 1 tablespoon black pepper = can also be taken according to taste. We can take it according to how strong the flavor (pungent) we want.

* 1 teaspoon clove

* Licorice sticks — three to four pieces, peel the licorice and take it. Licorice is very beneficial for the skin and throat voice.

*  in number, Nutmeg =Break a nutmeg and take it after grinding it a little.

* 2 tablespoon Thick Fennel = 10 -12 grams

* 3 tablespoon ginger powder =Ginger powder is also called Sonth.

* Little Desi Mishri Optional

* Tulsi sticks Optional, a little

In a pot, take green cardamom, large cardamom peeled and crushed, cinnamon (crushed or coarsely), black pepper, cloves, licorice grated, a nutmeg coarsely, and thick fennel, Dry fry all of them lightly for 10 seconds. Don’t dark. Being hot makes it easier to grind. Take the optional little Tulsi (Tulsi) branch. Then put it in a mixer and grind it. Now if you want to add sugar candy, then add sugar candy and grind it finely.

A little bit of desi sugar candy should be added because the spice grinds very well by adding desi sugar candy. When the chai masala is ground. Store it in a good, dry airtight jar.
When to make tea

Method of making tea for two cups of tea =

Take the vessel in which tea is to be made. Take a cup of water in it. Now put the vessel in the gas. Turn on the gas. Now put a spoonful of tea leaves in it. When the water comes to a boil, add two spoons of sugar and a cup of milk to it. When it starts boiling, add one-fourth spoon of tea masala to it. When the tea starts boiling, take it off the gas and filter it into two cups and enjoy hot tea. This tea is very beneficial for our health. It protects us from cold and flu. Strengthens our immune system.

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