Love is indescribable

2 Feb 2023

Love is indescribable.
It has no form and no shape.
Love isn't a thing.
Love is not predictable.

Love comes into our life.
the instant of our birth.
Everyone is filled with love, from the womb to the cemetery.

Love is a flame that occasionally flickers but never goes out.
Despite being directly in front of your eyes, love may be invisible.

Love has the power to fill you up and leave you feeling empty.
Love is in your soul; it has the power to make or break you.

Love is in your head and in your heart.
Love is always blind and does not judge.

Love unites all people and spans the entire world.
Love speaks to everyone in its own language, no matter where they are.

You are surrounded by love.
Love is abundant and available to all.
Love is everywhere, even when you cannot see it or feel it.

The greatest power is love, yet it is so insignificant.
Love is a gift from God that should be shared by everyone.

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