Varandha Ghat

19 Oct 2022

Rain begins to fall when the Jyeshta month begins. The first rains are usually always announced by a blast of wind and the smell of the soil. Yet each time it feels fresh. getting wet in the rain while listening to "Ye gam ye gam sari, maje madke bhari" as a kid and receiving punishment from parents. Grandparents taught me how to create paper boats, and I eagerly await another rainy day to put them in the rainwater. Every year, rain brings with it a lot of memories; But as you get older, the rainbow's hues begin to have significance. As the definition of rainfall becomes clearer, terms like hurhur and tamal begin to be explicitly suffixed. "Those moments" from the past come to life once again with the approach of the rain. They start to form in front of the eyes and might occasionally flow independently from the eyelids. Then, it is impossible to tell which is outside and which is inside the eye. You must get to Varandha Ghat if you wish to experience so much.

While travelling from Pune to Mahad, the driver enjoys the regular rainy weather while passing luxuriant green trees. It's more enjoyable to get wet while riding two wheels than it is to do so while driving dry. It's something else to enjoy a wet journey, feel the wind on your chest, hum your favourite tunes, and take the rainwater on your body and squirt it on onlookers. Such a heart-warming and uplifting trek appears to go on forever, but eventually the milestones fade and we arrive at Varandha Ghat.A Ghat A Varandha Ghat, more valleys everywhere! When you visit this place, it feels like this. Such a vast view of nature is presented to the eyes, leaving them speechless. Waterfalls roaring out of the green bushes leaning on the water, green forest in the valley, cloudy mountains, continuous torrent of rain, rushing water rushing over the big stones. There is no other venue like Varandha Ghat to have a delicious meal of bhaji-vade tea in that rainy season. Fresh ingredients for this royal feast are pulled from the taps Mr. Waghjai's companion set up.Steaming tea is served with hot potato, hot onion, and ginger and garlic stir-fries.) Enjoy this spicy menu while observing the downpour outside, listening to the wind howling, and taking in the electricity. Time seems to fly by as thousands of glitters and sparkles are stored on the heart disc of the mind. After a while, I feel like letting my legs relax and getting a little moist. I want to do something a little risky. If that is the case, the Crow's Fort is prepared for such uneasy nomads.

The fort at Kavala is sizable. The final step of the Varandha Ghat was formed by breaching it. Near the summit of the hill, next to the Shri Vaghjai temple, is a collection of nine tanks. It was ten along the Bhaji Wade-de-cha hills and once a component of the Kavala fort. It will take you fifteen minutes to get here. Why is water referred to as life? You'll be able to tell when you arrive here. For a very long time, that water tank that was dug out of the black rock will satisfy many people's thirst. Given how heavily dyed the wet trail is, returning through it will undoubtedly lead the body's clothing to get stained.

We reach the asphalt road once more. The trail leading to Kavala Fort is seen at the right hand bend. Through the karvi bush, through the small road, and beyond the constructed steps, a heart beat

Vedha-Laksya means. Befam - with lightning speed. Making rumbling sounds in the stomach Magnificent, lovely Spring Part of Vihangam

An increasing trek starts. The winding Varandha Ghats road that descends into the Konkan can be seen below on the left as it crosses the ridge of the mountain extending to the north of the Varandha Ghats. The foot is left or enters the sivatharghal of the mighty directly from here! Therefore, you should step lightly on the ground of the nation if you don't want to visit Konkan. The mountain's ridge-side trail, which is a tiny path, comes to an end. Also, the level is constrained. The final elevation then becomes apparent after passing the karvi bush once more and then descending a hill. You can see Varandha Ghat from here.

One should spend some time here peacefully gazing at Konkan's natural beauty. Experience the sound of nature. On the way home, the four moments of rain that were captured in the eyes, the rush of moving along the tight path, the sound of the karvi tree shattering, and the unexpected recovery from it are all still vivid in the mind. Turn your wheels in the direction of Varandha Ghat if you wish to take pleasure from this trek that will make you laugh and cry.

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Article you wrote about Varandha Ghat is really amazing. The weather at Varandha Ghat is generally cool and pleasant, making it a popular tourist destination, especially during the monsoon season when the area is covered in lush greenery. It can be much better if you include some pictures of that place.