11 Feb 2023

The Walk

Now that caskets are made of gold

Yet our actions are not golden

Having coffins painted with white

Yet our garments not as bright

That we fail to walk the walk

Yes the walk of the saints

The walk of the holy pilgrimage

Where John was busy shouting in the wilderness

And Jesus Christ walked the stations of the cross

What’s the walk our generation is making?

The one of lust full of the flesh

The one where we forget to be our brother’s keepers

And put on the face of hypocrisy

Smiling and dancing in the temple

Yet we forget we are the temple of the most high

Our generation where prayer and true worship seems to be impossible

Where love is a basis of materialism

And our fire seems to be quenching

With perverse teaching and hardened hearts

So we call on the 12 stones of foundation

Call on the comforter to come

To teach, correct and remind

Of the things taught by Christ himself

This we pray

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