The Depths

2 Feb 2023

The Depths

In the depths of the dark and dreary night,

There lived a creature of an eerie sight.

With eyes that gleamed like stars so bright,

And a smile that was both grim and light.

His laughter was heard across the land,

A haunting sound that chilled to the bone.

And all who heard it would shiver and stand,

In awe of the humor he had shown.

For this creature, with a wit so sharp,

Would spin tales that were both dark and bright.

Of death and sorrow, love and loss,

And everything that we fear the most.

He'd tell of ghosts who wandered the earth,

And monsters that lurked in the night.

And though his stories were full of mirth,

They still made our hearts take fright.

So if you dare to listen to his words,

Be warned that his humor is dark and absurd.

For in his laughter, you may find,

A glimpse into the depths of your mind.

Just remember, as you listen to his rhyme,

That his laughter may be both dark and kind.

For in his tales, there's always a twist,

That leaves us with a smile that can't be missed.


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