How Thanos uses Stones during Snap??

11 Jul 2022

 Let's talk about how Thanos used all these six infinity stones combined. And how he uses these stones to do successful snap and wipe out half of the living form across universe.

1) With Mind stone, he detects all the life forms existing in universe.
2) With reality stones , he changes the physical form of life into dust particles and make it unexisted.
3) With soul stones , he wipe out the existence of soul and send into soul world and it becomes unexisted.
4) With space stone , the snap's power travel all across the universe and make it happen across many planets and locations.
5) With time stones, the snap travels all over universe instantly. So , half of life form disappear all at same time.
6) With power stones, it enhances the power of other stones or simply we can say it's supporting system and acts as major power source.

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