Infinity stones

7 Jun 2022

Infinity stones in Marvel comics are very powerful. Each combined in infinity Gauntlet gives a lot strength and powers to destroy universe or according to will whatsoever. Each stones serves sone special purpose .
The first stone is space stones which helps to travel places instantly and is blue in color. It is objected in Tesseract.
The second stone is Mind stone which hepls to control mind and yellowish in color and objected in Loki's scepter and vision forehead.
The third stone is reality stone which is reddish in color and objected in aether .
The fourth stone is power stone which manipulate energy and increased strength and is purple in color and objected in Orb.
The fifth stone is Time stone which control and manipulate Time and is greenish and objected in eye of Agamotto.
The last stone is soul stone and is orange in color . It is achieved by losing Loved one souls. Thanos sacrifice Gamora to get it. Avengers lost black widow to get this stone.

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