Who is Doctor Fate appearing in Black Adam Movie??

3 Jul 2022

The upcoming Disney cinematic universe movie with lead actor Dwayne Johnson "The Rock " will be game changer movies for DC. This Movies has create more hope for DC fans as well as The Rock stardom will create more hype of this movie.The movie will have many other major cast. Among them , Doctor Fate is one of them.
One day when Kent Nelson and his father were exploring things inside pyramids of Mesopotamia and they found the  ancient Doom. After opening it , they found living body and Kent didn't believe these things so that person reveals his name as Nabu. Nabu was From another planet and captured in doom during his hibernation. But when he look back his father was already dead because of gas inside Doom and Kent blame Nabu for his father's death. Then Nabu promised him to guide him to learn all Secret of universe. After training for many years , Kent finally learns many magical powers and became a Sorcerer supreme . Nabu gave him a Helmet ( helmet of the fate)  ,Cloak ( Cloak of destiny) and Amlet and He became a Doctor Fate.
But later ,it is revealed that this all was part of Nabu and Nabu did it for a great purpose and he need a host to do this. Nabu was part of highly mystical group Lord of Order. Lord of Chaos has planned to bring negativity on Earth so stop this ,he need to a host to fight against it. After wearing Helmet ,he actually posses and followed the Nabu's order and Almet helps to control brains and Cloak helps to create Barrier during spell and help him to fly. 

And we are seeing this character plus so many more character in Black Adam and it will be more fun.

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1 Comment

He is some sort of character like doctor strange and moon knight combined but this charcter is older ly published in comics.