How does a stop-limit order work?

31 May 2022

Stop-limit order

As mentioned, a stop-limit order combines a stop trigger and a limit order.  The stop order adds a trigger price for the exchange to place your limit order. Let's see how it works.

How does a stop-limit order work?

The best way to understand a stop-limit order is to break it into parts. The stop price acts as a trigger to place a limit order. When the market reaches the stop price, it automatically creates a limit order with a custom price (limit price).
Although the stop and limit prices can be the same, this isn’t a requirement. In fact, it would be safer for you to set the stop price (trigger price) a bit higher than the limit price for sell orders. For buy orders, you can set the stop price a bit lower than the limit price. This increases the chances of your limit order filling after it triggers.

Buy stop-limit

Imagine that BNB is currently at $300 and you'd like to buy when it starts to enter a bullish trend. However, you don't want to pay too much for the BNB if it quickly begins to rise, so you need to limit the price you’ll pay.

Suppose that your technical analysis tells you an uptrend might start if the market breaks above $310. You decide to use a buy stop-limit order to open a position, in case the breakout happens. You set your stop price at $310 and your limit price at $315. As soon as BNB reaches $310, a limit order to buy BNB at $315 is placed. Your order might be filled with a price of 315 or lower. Note that $315 is your limit price, so if the market goes up too quickly above it, your order might not be filled completely.

Sell stop-limit

Imagine that you bought BNB at $285 and it’s now at $300. To prevent losses, you decide to use a stop-limit order to sell BNB if the price drops back to your entry. You set up a sell stop-limit order with a stop price of $289 and a limit price of $285 (the price you purchased BNB at). If the price reaches $289, a limit order to sell BNB at $285 will be placed. Your order might be filled with a price of 285 or higher.

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