9 Feb 2024

Fidelity said:
'Bitcoin halving cycles actually coincide with global liquidity' Well, I'm getting lynched by halving fans for saying this for 2 years 😂 Jokes aside, if we don't understand halving correctly, we will have empty dreams. Why is there no connection between Taurus and Halving! (Where is the True Correlation)? 1️⃣ WHAT IS HALFING? Bitcoin halving is the halving of the reward per new block. On average, a block is added to the Bitcoin blockchain every 10 minutes. There is currently a reward of 6.25 bitcoins per block. This reward is halved every 210 thousand blocks (4 years on average). That's why bitcoin bull cycles generally occur every 4 years. However, if you are aware, halving is the halving of the reward in newly added blocks. In order for it to have a real impact on the price, the previously extracted supply must be burned. 2️⃣ WHY IS HALFING IMPORTANT? Halving is a very simple phenomenon to understand and explain. In the simplest terms: 1- Fiat currencies are constantly printed more 2- Bitcoin is printed less and less as time progresses If central banks continue to print, the price of bitcoin will continue to increase in value against these currencies. The fact that such an important phenomenon is so simple has undoubtedly accelerated the bull cycles. So, when it comes to fiat money supply, is there a connection between my bitcoin bull cycles and fiat money supply? 3️⃣ CORRECT CORRELATION It's the fiat money supply that needs to be followed! The most important correlation with Bitcoin bull cycles is fiat money supply! When we look at the periods dominated by not only the USA, but also the EU, Japan and China (Global M2), we see a very clear correlation. The image below actually shows us this correlation very clearly. BTC increase correlation with global M2. Thanks for reading 🙏

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