DEUS Finance

9 Feb 2023

DEUS finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that securely transfers any digitally verifiable assets to the blockchain, allowing any verifiable digital and non-digital assets to enter the blockchain so that users can Trade real-world assets and derivatives, such as stocks and commodities, directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Mirrored assets are 1:1 equivalent to assets in the real world, and transactions can be concluded on Uniswap and other decentralized trading platforms.

Due to restrictions by various countries’ policies and other reasons, not all high-quality financial assets in the world can be easily traded. For example, for US stocks, gold, etc., users in many countries cannot easily trade, while cryptocurrency technology with decentralization as the underlying layer is inherently borderless. As long as the wallet private key is in your hands, no one or organization can seize or confiscate it.

As a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, DEUS finance can synthesize high-quality financial assets in the real world (such as stocks, gold, and commodities) onto the Ethereum network, and can purchase traditional finance through ERC20 tokens such as ETH Assets, this not only expands the investment range of cryptocurrency investors, but also for those users in a certain country who are restricted from trading due to policy and other reasons, they can use cryptocurrency to trade traditional financial assets such as US stocks.

The prices of synthetic assets through the DEUS finance platform are kept in sync with the prices of original financial assets through oracles.

Main advantages of DEUS finance

As a decentralized DeFi protocol, what are the main advantages of DEUS finance?

1. DEUS finance not only has a Swap platform, but also a synthetic asset trading platform

DEUS Swap is a flash exchange trading platform of DEUS finance. ERC20 tokens can be traded on this platform. Currently, the assets that can be traded include ETH, DAI, USDC and DEUS.

SYNTHETICS is DEUS finance's synthetic asset trading platform, on which DAI can be used to purchase traditional financial assets such as dTSLA (a synthetic asset form of Tesla stock). In addition to being a simple tool for investing in cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency baskets, DEUS bridges the crypto economy and traditional markets.

2. Allow to simplify the investment in cryptocurrency in the form of blockchain derivatives

With the continuous development of cryptocurrency technology, there are basically high-quality cryptocurrency assets on every public chain. For users, because each public chain has different standards for issuing assets, we need to use various Different digital wallets for storage.

Through the DEUS finance platform, other assets issued on different public chains can be synthesized into the form of ERC20 assets, and even traditional financial assets can also be synthesized into the form of ERC20 digital assets, which will lower the user's investment threshold for crypto currencies.

3. Make it easy for crypto investors to invest in traditional assets and commodities

On the DEUS platform, not only stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies can be traded, but also coinbase futures, bakkt futures, and SP500 and forex indexes can be purchased.

Traditional financial assets can be synthesized on the DEUS finance platform. We can use ERC20 tokens such as ETH and DAI to trade traditional financial assets through the DEUS finance platform.

4. The first product that allows the flexible combination of crypto and non-crypto assets in a basket

The development of DeFi has also led to the birth of various cryptocurrency financial derivatives. The combination of cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency will be a major trend in the future. In the future, there will be more combined derivatives of cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency, DEUS Finance is the first product that allows the flexible combination of crypto and non-crypto assets in a basket.

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