Young NBA players that will become stars

3 Jul 2022

At number 5 Jordan Poole this season he became a great second option for Steph when he needed a break. I’m finals he stepped up and helped the team to win the finals.

At number 4 I have Zion Williamson, he has not shown much of his ability because of his injuries however he is a very athletic player and when ge comes back to playing people will be surprised with his improvements.

Number 3 is James wisemen, like Zion he has also been injured most of his career but when he played he was dominate he can shoot threes dribble the ball defend and finish around the rim, Steph curry even said that he will be a future MVP of the league.

Number 2 is Ja Morant, when he came into the league you could see how good he was to start off in his Rookie he won rookie off the year and this season he carried his team to second place in the regular season

At number 1 I have Luka Doncic, Luka is a great player with the ability to do every thing on the offensive side, and I think that he will soon be an MVP he mages to get his team to the wester conference finals, when he gets help he will win a championship with ease 


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Great list an honourable mention could be Jason Tatum for the Celtics.
Really good list, Trae Young looks to have some really good potential aswell
south coast surfer
Another great list - you certainly know your basketball 🏀