Market News Saturday - February 4

4 Feb 2023

+ Many large projects collaborate; big news on Monday + A stronger-than-expected jobs report gives the Fed an opportunity to continue tightening policy in order to reduce inflation. Will Kwon return? The LUNA-UST revival plan involves erecting columns of HST Terra tokens such as USTC, LUNC, MIR, ANC, and so on. The activities of projects such as NFTfi, BendDAO, X2Y2 or Arcade have increased sharply, the NFTFi trend is increasingly interested + GMX leads the derivatives DEX segment, continuously breaking ATH despite the market's correction + Google paid $ 300 million for 10% of the shares of the AI start-up Anthropic, and the token of the AI sector flew away as a result of the news. During this 12 noon unlock +, X2Y2 will NOT SELL ANY TOKENS. Binance "faced off", asking the Indian exchange WazirX to withdraw all user funds from the exchange + Binance used the money in the 1 billion dollar relief fund to "acquire" the Korean exchange GOPAX + Russia's largest bank Sberbank will launch Defi platform on Ethereum in May + Limit Break: Game company and NFT spend 6.5 million dollars on advertisements during this year's Super Bowl + After Charlie Munger, it's billionaire Ray Dalio's turn to "criticize" Bitcoin

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