I don't know what we are.

15 Dec 2022

I don't know what we are and I am too scared to ask. We've had good laughs and quite a few cries but you've always got my back and I yours. It has crossed my mind a couple of times to take this to the next level but the thought that that could ruin what we already have makes me too scared to ask "are we just friends or are we more than that?", "Do you want us to be more than just friends?". Sometimes I can read the signs that you wasn't us to be together but sometimes it seems you just want us to be just friends. I am lost here. It's crazy how find of you I've become because we both know how it started between us. I didn't expect us to be this close. Never ever did I expect this feelings to exist talk more of staying this long. I think we both have something great going on and I'd rather take these feelings with me than ruin this.

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