What kind of country is Serbia?

1 Feb 2023

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is called the key of the Balkans because of its special geographical location, and because of its geographical environment and historical factors, Serbia is also called the "Tiger of the Balkans". So what kind of country is Serbia?

Basic information about Serbia:

Hungary is a neighbor of serbia, Romania is connected to the northeast, and has constant relations with Bulgaria. It is also adjacent to Albania and Macedonia, the northwest is close to Croatia, and the west is connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Capital: Belgrade, main language: Serbian, land area: 88,361 square kilometers, population: 7.18 million, main ethnic groups in the territory: Serbs, Albanians. The country is divided into 30 states, 198 districts under jurisdiction, and 2 autonomous provinces. Serbs mainly live in: Belgrade: 1.5761 million, Novi Sad: 340,000, Nis: 260,000, Kragujevac: 180,200.

Serbian History:

In the 6th and 7th centuries AD, the Serbs began to settle in the middle and lower reaches of the Sava River in the Balkans, from the south to the Adriatic coast. The Byzantine Empire, the Nemanya Dynasty, and the Ottoman Empire successively became the rulers of this land.

In 1878, Serbia became independent and established an independent sovereign kingdom with the support of Russia. Later, due to Princip's assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, World War I broke out, and Serbia suffered a disaster. Fortunately, the Allies failed badly, and Serbia was able to recover after the war.

Serbian economy:

Serbia economic foundation is already good. If it weren't for historical factors, the current stage of development would continue to develop rapidly. In 2018, Serbia GDP: 50.508 billion US dollars (equivalent to EURO: 250,334,524 ) .

The Serbian economy is dominated by the service industry, which provides 63% of the gross national product. In addition, industry, electricity, and foreign trade also plays a pivotal role in the country economy. Serbia economy continues to develop rapidly, thus forming an emerging economy.

Some things about Serbia:

1. Serbia is called the "roof of mankind". The average height of men in this country is 1.8 meters, and the height of women is about 1.7 meters, and the appearance is very good. That is, being too short to Serbia may cause some unnecessary trouble. Many public facilities in this country are built on height standards. For example, if you are too short, you may encounter unnecessary trouble when going to the toilet.

2. The Serbia is a big sports country. Due to their special preferences in football, players such as Vidic, Stankovic, and Krasic are world-renowned. In addition to numerous well-known football stars, Serbian tennis players are also very good. , Novak Djokovic, Jelena Jankovic, Janko Tipsarevic are world-renowned athletes, from this point of view we can say that, Serbia is a sports powerhouse.

3. Once someone visits a Serbian family, they must say hello in advance, and rushing to the door is considered impolite.

4. There are many buildings built or decorated with human bones in the world, which are a little creepy. In the small town of Nis in southern Serbia, there is a "skull tower", which is the only tower in the world made of real human skulls. It is full of records of the blood and tears of this nation.

5. Prices in Serbia are relatively cheap. A cup of coffee is more than 1 dollar, and cherries are even more cheaper. At the same time, the starting price of taxis here is 5 dollar, so Serbia is known as the most suitable European country for affordable travel.

6. Serbia is known as the "paradise for meat eaters". They have achieved a high level of eating meat. There are many ways to eat meat that you can't think of, which makes countless carnivores envious.

7. Serbs are willing to help others and you can ask them for help in any problem encountered in this country. At the same time, they can be sentenced to eight years in prison for not helping others.

8. Serbian peoples likes to send flowers, but they have a certain amount of attention and choice in sending flowers. You can send roses, lilies, etc., but you must not send chrysanthemums, because chrysanthemums are used in some specific occasions and are not suitable for gift-giving.

Summary: Serbia security situation is also very good and this country is very suitable for poor travel.

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