Emma Stone: From Spiderman's girlfriend to a beauty with 2 Oscars

12 Mar 2024

On stage at the 2024 Oscars, actress Emma Stone emotionally expressed her gratitude to the crew of the movie "Poor Things". The film brought her the second Oscar in her acting career.
On the morning of March 11, the 2024 Oscars ceremony took place with the participation of many famous artists in Los Angeles, USA. The annual awards ceremony aims to honor outstanding artists and works of the year. Overcoming Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone won the Oscar for Best Actress. Her victory was also predicted by the media before the awards ceremony.

Standing on stage to receive the award, the 35-year-old star revealed that her dress had a problem and was locked right at the famous event. Emma humorously admitted that it all happened after watching her former colleague Ryan Gosling's performance on stage. Emma and Ryan Gosling once had a good pairing in the La La Land project.

She choked up and thanked her colleagues, the audience and especially the director of the movie Poor Things for giving her the opportunity to participate in a great work. This is also the second Oscar award in the talented actress's career. Previously, she won the Outstanding Female Lead award for the movie La La Land in 2017. The U40 beauty was also nominated twice for the Best Supporting Actress category for the movies Birdman in 2015 and The Favorite in 2019.

Before her impressive win at the 2024 Oscar, Emma also achieved much success with the Poor Things project. She won the Best Actress award at BAFTA and Golden Globe. With 2 Oscars in her career, Emma is proud to have remarkable achievements like veteran seniors Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda and Jodie Foster.
"It's an honor to receive this award thanks to collaborating with you (director Yorgos Lanthimos). Hopefully we will continue to cooperate in the future. I also want to thank my parents, brother, and husband. me and my little daughter who is about to turn 3 years old," she said.
Poor Things marks the second successful collaboration between Emma and director Yorgos Lanthimos. Previously, they successfully collaborated on a work based on the theme of British royal court battles - The Favorite and the film received 10 Oscar nominations at the 2019 awards season.

Poor Things is adapted from the 1992 novel of the same name by author Alasdair Gray. The film tells the story of the life of a girl named Bella (Emma Stone) who was recruited by scientist Dr. Godwin (played by Willem Dafoe) is revived. After that, she ventured into her love life and discovered life's values.

When premiered at the 2023 Venice Film Festival (Italy), Poor Things received an 8-minute round of applause and many compliments on major newspapers. The film received a 100% positive certificate on Rotten Tomatoes. Notably, Emma Stone's acting received a "rain" of praise from experts.

Emma Stone is considered to have excelled in portraying the image of a personality and liberal girl with a strange appearance in Poor Things. In particular, Emma's fierce hot scene in the movie caused a stir.

The Independent praised Bella Baxter as the most daring character in Emma's acting career. "She had the most daring role in her career so far, a role that was both physically and psychologically heavy," wrote The Independent. Director Lanthimos is also proud of the beautiful actress: "Emma Stone devoted herself to the hot scene in the movie. I didn't want to make a demure style movie. By doing so, I betrayed myself." The main character of the film. We all believe that Emma is not ashamed to show off her body, or to be nude. She gave her all for the scene and she grasped everything clearly."

Emma Stone has repeatedly affirmed that she is satisfied with the character Bella in Poor Things. The star of the movie Spider-Man said that she truly transformed into the character, devoted herself to the role and everything in the actress's eyes was truly perfect.

"Bella understands her place in society. The sexual aspect is really important to her life, expressing her personality. Bella wants to be accepted by society, wants to be free and important More importantly, she must have experiences in life to grow up," Emma said about her character.
Emma Stone (born 1988) is known to a large audience through hit works such as Easy A (2010), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012-2014) and La La Land (2016). The role of Gwen Stacy, girlfriend of Spider-Man Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) in The Amazing Spider-Man, is considered the highlight of Emma's acting career. This is a project to reboot the Spider-Man brand, which became a blockbuster with 3 parts led by Tobey Maguire.

After that, the star born in 1988 continued to make a name for himself with his role in La La Land. The film brought her the first Oscar in her career and made Emma the highest-paid actress in the world, voted by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The 8X generation star is highly appreciated by international media for his achievements in art, scandal-free life and symbol of friendliness and sweetness. The beauty who owns 2 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes admitted that if she did not become an actress, she would like to become a journalist.

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