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7 Feb 2023

As the number of traditional Internet users continues to rise, the centralized traditional Internet has gradually exposed many shortcomings, most prominently such as user data security and privacy security and data island issues.

Due to the existence of centralization, interests will make data appear siloed, that is, each Internet company group will take its own users or collected data as its own, and regard it as its own wealth. The user who provided the data was β€œsmashed up” without knowing it.

In fact, this situation is very common, and it is generally accepted by every Internet user that this is a normal phenomenon, because this model has been like this since every ordinary user came into contact with the Internet. Take the e-commerce field as an example. The traditional global e-commerce and advertising industries rely on consumers' big data, but are hindered by interoperability and data exchange restrictions. User behavior data, consumption data, etc., seem to have become the "wealth" of Internet companies or giants. Although it comes from users, this does not create secondary value for users. The rise of the current Internet giants is definitely related to the mastering of super-large-scale user data.

Then the birth of blockchain technology is more about change. In particular, the changes brought about by decentralization and openness and transparency may be a shock to Internet giants. On the other hand, many users who have come into contact with the crypto community and the blockchain model gradually realize that their various data is actually a kind of value, and no longer recognize the "overlord clause" of traditional Internet giants. So for many advertisers, it is also miserable. It is difficult to achieve results and it is difficult to grasp the target user's information, even if it is paid.

Therefore, the relationship between Internet companies and users needs to find a new balance, and Permission provides this new balance.

What is Permission?

Permission is an ecosystem based on blockchain technology. In the system, users can store their own data in a decentralized form, and no one except the user has the right to use it privately, and the data is more like a stroke in the Permission system Asset, an NFT asset that is encrypted and stored. When Internet business owners and advertisers need user data, the user agrees and authorizes it. At the same time, the user is rewarded by the token economy in the system, which is reflected in the form of ASK token.

On the one hand, enterprises can carry out corresponding business reasonably and legally while obtaining user information, and on the other hand, users get their corresponding benefits. Holding ASK points can be consumed in the system, and can also be realized through the secondary market. Therefore, the Permission ecology provides a basis for users to realize their own control of their own data.

So for the Permission model, it is a data time integration platform and as the infrastructure construction model of WEB3.0, reconstructing and constructing the traditional Internet system.

For Permission, this model is of great significance:

Data exchange

Let's take the coronavirus pandemic as an example. Some countries around the world have good control over the coronavirus pandemic, such as Europe, and some countries have extremely poor control such as the United States. In the field of epidemic prevention, although the level of medical care is of utmost importance, the intercommunication of data greatly determines the results of epidemic prevention.

So we return to the data itself. At present, we urgently need a comprehensive and credible decentralized data network. And Permission provides a good early ecological foundation. Although Permission is currently working in the field of e-commerce, it is a very great thing to build a global user database. It relies on blockchain technology and cooperates with a high concurrency. High-performance bottom layer, this is completely achievable. And this database can also build a global financial credit system, medical data system and even a global epidemic prevention system in the future.

Permission ID is a user's "identity card" in the system, which represents the unique anonymous identity of the user's data. ASK token can realize global circulation with the help of Permission ID, which will promote and support the growth of the Permission economy. Therefore, the decentralization and intercommunication of data must be the future trend, and Permission is the first to be listed.

Advertisers can accurately deliver

For advertisers, on the basis of the early Internet giant platforms, the same expensive advertising fee was required. This part of the advertising fee was basically collected by the Internet platform. On the one hand, users did not have any revenue, and on the other hand, the advertising fee was not paid. The accuracy is very low. In the Permission system, advertisers can obtain user information for a fee with the consent of users, so that advertisements can be accurately matched with users. At the same time, the advertiser's payment will be given to users who provide information, so that all databases can be unified and mutually exclusive. Operational data is fluid. This also greatly promotes the circulation of ASK tokens in the Permission ecosystem, and also assigns value to ASK tokens.

In fact, for users, when they have a certain demand, the random placement of advertisers also makes users clueless and often deceived. Then the Permission ecology is also used to reshape the blockchain technology to some extent. The field of advertising and provides a new idea.

And for Permission, it also provides video advertisements , provides news, surveys, video games and other content interactions, and can also achieve user-authorized data interactions. Permission also provides credit ratings of advertisers and users, improves the quality of users and advertisers, and creates a pure decentralized advertising business.

Traditional Internet companies no longer own the ownership of user data, and users benefit

The great thing about the token economy is that it is actually decentralized and not controlled by a third party. And this is fair and just for all roles in the system, such as the distribution of benefits. For the traditional Internet field, we should think that Permission is a reform and upgrade to the traditional Internet rather than an impact. In other words, Permission will be a trend.

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