You won't get it

16 Mar 2023

You never comprehend; you don't.
I've tried to explain, but you're not listening.

I tell you the truth—I feel so depressed—but you assure me that everything is fine.
I figured you'd have the most insight.

So while you and I both act as if everything is fine, I sit in my chamber, chained to my own personal hell.

Yet you can't seem to realize that I'm not fine, and neither can my pals; you know that.

You blame my pals for everything and say it's only a phase, but you don't realize that this is not their fault.

This is not how I can live.
Even though I tried, I couldn't kill my life with a knife. I can't live this existence.

Although I am aware that you have gone through this and that you hurt even more, I can't help but wonder if you don't even know who I am.

You don't pay attention to what I have to say, which is why I assumed you would understand why I'm acting this way.

Simply ignore me and act as if nothing is wrong.
This must end, please.
I think I might...

I'd like to be stronger, but I'm not, so I'll pretend everything is normal while I wait patiently.

For when my time comes, which I hope will be soon.
I wish you could understand like my pals do.

Although I know it's unfair, you don't understand, and occasionally I get the impression that you don't even give a damn.

Despite the fact that I am not alone, I feel that way.
My pals are all here, but I wish you were here too.

Even though it seems like my life is crumbling to pieces, I know that with the help of my friends, I can get through this.

You lack comprehension.
You never do, but I'm hoping I can get by with their support.

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