15 Mar 2023

An unflyable bird is sitting on the ground.
It could fly with lovely wings, but its lone cry is caused by the pain of past failure.

Believe and have trust in me, and I will carry you in your flight, God has spoken to this bird.
Life's miracle is there for you to witness.

The bird complained, "But I can't fly," to God.
I am feeble. I'll stumble and hurt myself.
I tried to fly before, and it had already happened.
I worry about getting injured once more.

I made you, and I will guard you, God assured the bird in a gentle and consoling voice.
I've heard your lonesome cries.
Believe in me. All you have to do is that.

Therefore, bird, stand up and spread your wings.
The wings I painstakingly made to enable you to soar.
I'll catch you if you fall and raise you back up into the air."

The bird finally turned to face the sky with shaky wings and legs.
It inhaled deeply before taking the risk.
The bird took to the air.

"God, I appreciate you trusting in me.
I appreciate you giving me wings.
I appreciate your helping hands.
I shall now sing for Your honor."

When the bird flew majestically, God grinned.
"Little bird, I'll always be by your side and will do everything in my power to keep you safe.

You might trip. You might trip and fall.
That doesn't imply I don't give a damn.
I'll keep an eye on you in case you require assistance, and I'll be there immediately.

The small bird learned to soar to great heights after initially being terrified.
The bird decided to have faith in God's flight and stopped being afraid of the occasional fall.

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