How to get rid kf food cravings

21 Jun 2022

Hey do you all get cravings ?

Than there is must reasons so get into this article more for deeper knowledge.
If yes, these 3 can be the reason for the same👇:-

▪️ Lack of Hydration
If you get a craving for eating something sweet, it may be a sign that you're thirsty.
So drink enough water as per your thurst and drink it wisely. It may calm your sweetness craving and complete your mineral intake as well.

▪️ Lack of Protein
Lack of protein tends to be a heightened appetite or craving for junk/fried or spicy food.

Protein lacking in foods should be covered by adding lentils, beans, peas,dairy products etc.

▪️ Lack Of Micronutrients
When micronutrients lack in your body, you may constantly feel the need to eat something containing sugar or to eat crisps.

If you get any of these cravings, then you need to drink water or water-rich foods more, increase protein intake & consume food containing micronutrients.

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Thanks. I will trying these solutions. Good article bro. #food
Amusing 😂
Thanks for providing this kmowledge.
good ideas
Don't follow these just eat what you want