Endgame 4. Thanos attack on Earth.

17 Jul 2022

As we knew already that Avengers successfully collected stone , restored living form and Thanos knew already . Now Thanos thought in mind that it's more Even easier for his plans to snap if he attack in timeline 2023 where he will get all stones and Gauntlet all at a time From avengers.

Now Thanos and Avengers trios start conversation . Thanos said tjt  they can't stop him as they had failed to stop him for several times. When they try to stop him and call him not to do it. Then Thanos made a terrible speech that he is now more frustrated because of many people .
 Thanos so  now wanted to destroy and wipe all living being and create new ones Where there Will be a complete reboot . The whole universe will pray and all belongs to Thanos. By so Thanos And Avengers trios started fighting .

The fight between them was awesome. Here Thanos almost grounded Ironman , Captain America and Was about to kill Thor whith Strombreakber but then Captain America stop this be lifting hammer and hit Thanos. Now Almost Everyone are now hopeless still Captain stand alone infront of Thanos and his Army , Suddenly a voice comes with on your left and All avengers now cames  toa id battle including Wakanda , Doctor strange and Ant-Man and all other.

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1 Comment

Thanos was almost unstoppable without even gaunlet.